Herdwick Sheepskin Rug. Sample 3.

Herdwick Sheepskin Rug, Ambleside Sheepskins.

Hi Guys.

We have hundreds of Herdwick Sheepskin Rugs in stock.

You are buying a Premium Herdwick  Sheepskin Rug.

( Massively better & nicer, than the budget range. Basically, you pay for what you get with Herdwick Sheepskins)

I will send you a the closest Herdwick Sheepskin I have available, to the photo. 

Or, if you live close to our store, come and pick your own. 

All our Herdwick rugs are available to buy in our Ambleside store. We probably have the best selection in the UK.

Come and give us a visit!

Ambleside Sheepskins – Bark Mill – Bridge Street – Ambleside – Cumbria – LA229DU – 015394 32060.

Herdwick Sheepskin Rug. Sample 3.