Gotland Rare Breed Sheepskin Rug. Photo sample 5

 Ambleside Sheepskins. Gotland Rare breed sheepskin.

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Each, of these Gotland Rare Breed Sheepskins, is different and individual. Premium tanned & hand-picked & have to be seen to be believed.

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Transport yourself to the rustic isles of Scandinavia with this sheepskin throw, made from the oldest race of sheep in Sweden.

Unique to the island of Gotland, it is renowned for the beauty of its silver-grey coloured wool, its silky-to-the-touch curls (or ‘purls’ as they are known), and its unparalleled suppleness.

The fleece is fine, long, lustrous and dense and can appear all shades of grey, from silver to charcoal-grey and dark enough to be almost black.

Made from 100% shearling, the fleece boasts clearly defined even purls and a superior soft touch. Gotland sheepskin is considered among the most luxurious.

A stunning decorative accessory, the Gotland sheepskin throw can be used to drape over an armchair or sofa, for comfort and warmth throughout the winter months.

All our Rare Breed Rugs are available to buy in our Ambleside store. We probably have the best selection in the UK.

Gotland Rare Breed Sheepskin Rug. Photo sample 5