Shepherd “Andy” Gents Sheepskin Slippers

Introducing the “Andy” Asphalt Shepherd of Sweden Sheepskin Gents Slipper: Unmatched Comfort and Scandinavian Sophistication, Sizes Available 8 to 12 (In-Store Only)!

Enhance your Lake District visit with the perfect addition to your relaxation and style—the “Andy” Asphalt Shepherd of Sweden Sheepskin Gents Slipper. Impeccably crafted with attention to detail, these slippers offer unrivaled comfort and embody timeless Scandinavian design. To ensure the best fit, we currently offer this product exclusively in-store.

Indulge your feet in pure luxury with the “Andy” slipper. The inner and top materials are made of 100% Sheepskin, providing exceptional softness and warmth. Experience the ultimate in coziness as the natural wool fibers envelop your feet, keeping them snug and comfortable throughout the day.

Designed for both comfort and durability, the “Andy” slipper features an EVA sole that offers excellent support and flexibility. Each step feels cushioned and secure, allowing you to move with ease and confidence.

Please note that due to unpredictable sizing, we are unable to offer a mail-order service for this product. However, you can find the “Andy” Asphalt Shepherd of Sweden Sheepskin Gents Slipper at our store located in Ambleside, LA229DR. Our knowledgeable staff will be delighted to assist you in finding the perfect size for your feet, ensuring a personalized and satisfying shopping experience.

Make the most of your Lake District visit by treating yourself to the indulgence of the “Andy” Asphalt Shepherd of Sweden Sheepskin Gents Slipper. Visit our store today and discover the perfect blend of comfort, craftsmanship, and Scandinavian elegance. Elevate your relaxation and style with this exceptional addition to your Lake District getaway.